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About Sizes And Drills For 5D Diamond Paintings

About Sizes And Drills 

If your new to 5D Diamond Painting here's some information about the different drills and sizes available. 


Drills are the tiny gems that make up the 5D diamond painting. There are two kinds, round drills and square drills.




Round drills have a more scattered, glimmery look to them but since they are round some of the printed picture underneath might show through a little as you can see from the image above. These types of drills are great for beginners, since there is a bit of room when placing them on to the canvas!




Square drills require a bit more skill as you line them up perfectly into rows, and almost no print from the background shows through. Precise lines are necessary to get the proper effect. The finished product is incredibly, and resembles a beautiful mosaic.



Tiny! Roughly the square beads are 0.25 cm and round beads are 0.28 cm.



They’re made from a high-sheen resin, which is highly pigmented, and coloured all the way through for depth.


Which Size Canvas? 

We often hear that the bigger the better. When it comes to diamond paintings, this saying can not be more true.

Diamond painting kits can range in size! The smaller sizes are great for newbies who just want to try there hand at this new amazing hobby. The smaller size works well for simple images.

However if you'r looking to create an amazing portraits and intricate landscape as your 5D Diamond Painting, the smaller sizes will not give it justice. To simply put it, size is like resolution. The bigger the size the more detailed the image will be. with the more diamonds your able to place on the canvas giving you more detail. The biggest sized 5D Diamond paintings look just like normal paintings!

As you see from the following pictures,the bigger the diamond painting canvas is,the more diamonds it requires,and the better the picture looks.

When purchasing or creating you own custom 5D diamond Painting you should choose the size according to the image and what you want the final image effect to be.

If you have any questions about sizes, please feel free to email us at, we will always be happy to help you choose the correct canvas size.



Team Edisons